Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In the Beginning......

How did we become the proud owners of a Farmhouse & barn sitting on 90 acres of what once was a dairy farm, back in the late 1850's?
It all started with a picture of a stone house in my Country Living Magazine.....which led us to a weekend in the "country" just innocently, casually, looking for some property.....and the next thing we knew, we were sitting in the Realtors office, signing a contract, before heading home!! Really, just like that!!!
Then there was the the fiasco of getting a mortgage! Oh and the haggling over the price...and then back again to the fiasco of getting the mortgage!! And finally, on the first COLD Friday of January-we closed! And the Farmhouse was ours!
That weekend, we spent with friends and then winterized the Farmhouse, before heading home. Home is about 4 hours away. Snow shuttered the Farmhouse. We periodically went to check on it, anxiously waiting for the Spring, to begin our work......

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