Saturday, October 3, 2009

Crazy Quilting

Well, alot has happened since the last time I wrote.......The Farmhouse was insulated with blown in foam, done by professionals. The Barn's foundation was fixed, expertly by an Amish Mason and a dirt road was made from the driveway, down to the barn.
New windows were installed in half the house. A concrete floor was poured in the basement to replace the dirt one. And both bathrooms have rough in plumbing & showers.
My Husband has been working tirelessly, every week, on the Farmhouse.
That leaves us separated, for much of the time. Its not easy on him. He's always working somewhere....but the way we look at it is, that we want to get it done as soon as possible so we can enjoy it, before its too late.
Right now, it 's a race to get the heat going, so we can continue to work on it & even spend time there, this winter.
Last weekend, I went up for the first time in close to 3 months. And this time we did some meandering. We stopped for breakfast @ one of my new favorite places-Bread Alone. Please take a moment to Google Bread Alone. I was amazed when I found it & I continue to be amazed, each time I go there.
Then we stopped at a quaint little gift shop friends told us about, that had great Adirondacks furniture, blankets, candles etc, just a neat store & although I can't recall the name just right now, you can find it by looking for a GIANT wood chair, right outside on the lawn!
All these places are on RT 28. I really enjoy RT 28. It winds thru different towns from long ago, a mix of history, salvage & funky, artistic, old fashioned stores, restaurants & motels.....each time I travel it my eye spys something I hadn't noticed Kate's Lazy Motel-owned by Kate from the B52's......or Peekamoose-which we ate an early dinner in on our way home-just blew us away-the structure-the decor-the FOOD-all spectacular! A real "you can't judge a book by its cover" reaction.
So while we have a long way to go, before we can actually stay in the Farmhouse, our dreams seem to be alittle closer to reality....we are in line to have it sheetrocked, and that will be our turning point.
Peter is there this weekend, installing central vac (it gets real muddy there & we intend to bring our dogs, which will increase the mess) and doing other things-the kind of behind the scene things, that needs to be done. I miss him and I feel bad that he toils there alone, but yet I know, that if I were there, he'd get nothing I just try to stay busy, cleaning our "real" house & catching up on things like reading & laundry & maybe just a tiny bit of shopping.....OK so I did join the masses & went to the Mall, but hey, what's a girl supposed to do to pass the time?
One last laugh....last weekend while riding the land on our quads, Peter & I searched the property, for the site of our future house we dream to build, our last harrah...are we nuts or what?? Oh and I definately, want goats!!!

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